Custom Anniversary Lapel Pins

Do you have an upcoming anniversary for your coworker or employee? Have you decided what to give them for their years of service? Perhaps, a plaque or certificate might have crossed your mind. Aren’t those a little tired? For likely decades those were the go-to gifts for anniversaries at the workplace. I think it’s time to move on and get with the times.

What’s the alternative then? Of course it’s a custom lapel pin. Special occasions, such as anniversaries, deserve to be memorialized in unforgettable ways. We here at Pincious are proud to have been chosen by hundreds of companies and individuals in their pursuit for a gift to honor the exceptionally loyal employees and people in their lives. You can do the same and we would be happy to help in your endeavors. 

Enamel pins are all the rage and I’m not talking about just in the office. People of all ages, regardless of background, can find an enamel pin that defines themselves. Anniversary pins can find a place in recognizing events and important dates and famous people! Celebrities, athletes, and significant figures in society have vast followings and fandoms. We are happy to help you cater to these groups with our custom lapel pins.

What types of Anniversary Enamel Pins are there?

  1. Employee Years of Service
  2. Volunteer Days/Weeks/Months of Service
  3. Movie and Comic Release Anniversaries
  4. Celebrating Company or Organization Anniversaries 
  5. Honor Years in Office of Public Servants or Executives
  6. Create Merchandise for Fandoms, Music/Band Fans, Athletes, Sports

If you think we can help with making your anniversary parties and celebrations more than memorable, contact us today! We can’t wait to assist!


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