Custom Band Pins and Custom Hat Pins

Jungkook BTS Enamel PinBand lapel pins are a great way to show off your excitement for your favorite band. Most bands have a logo or even a mascot that represents them as a whole. You can get your custom band lapel pins at reasonable prices right here on our website. Take a look around and we offer many styles and options that will excellently represent the various parts of music. We also offer music and instrument pins that are perfect to support your local student or even something that you enjoy yourself. If you love the band that you are in, show it with a lapel pin that represents what you play or what you love about that band.

Enamel pins are simple to wear and aren’t just for lapels anymore. We have people putting our lapel pins on hats, shoes, coats, ties, shirts and there are even some restaurants that encourage this, as it is just something fun to do and see. Are you lacking in your pin swag? No worries! We have you covered with our band lapel pin choices. Our lapel pin production is serious business and it shows with nothing but the finest quality of materials are used. We have very colorful pins that are adorned in enamel to bring them to life and give them that final touch that they need. If you can’t find a design or the correct item for your collection, ask! We are happy to assist in any way possible. Lapel pins are in our blood and we simply cannot make enough of these amazing little designs.

Don’t stop at just one Enamel Pin!

We love to deck out in lapel pins that represent us and who we are. We have them on our bags, backpacks, shoes, coats, and more. They are fun to put on your school bag and make for a great conversation piece. If you are looking for band lapel pins or music lapel pins, you have come to the right place. We work with our customers to bring them amazing designs that are perfect for your growing lapel pin collection. Lapel pin collection? Yes, we see more and more people started to grow a collection of lapel pins. We get it! They are so addicting and there are so many to choose from, so why stop at just a couple. They are easy to change out with simple pop on backs that make it nice to change up your look from time to time.

If you are not a person that changes up things, that’s okay too! There are plenty of ways to wear our pins and you can have many different ones on the different pieces of clothing and bags. We have many different hats that are adorned with the various pins that are fun to wear out. Say you are going to a ball game, where your ball game hat and show your sense of spirt. There are pins for schools, animals, professions, and more. Take a look around and we are certain that you will not only find your music and band pins that you came by to see but other amazing pin selections as well.

Make money with your own custom band pins, hat pins and EDM pins!

You’ve seen stands and kiosks at your favorite band’s events, concerts and festivals. They’re selling their own branded custom enamel pins of all sorts of designs and styles. You might be wondering where they get these pins and if you can get your own. Well! These very bands get their pins from people like us! We help design and manufacture band pins and hat pins from musicians from all genres and backgrounds. So if you have a band or if you’re a huge fan of a popular group or soloist, look no further because you just found your source for custom pins!

All the rage, now-a-days, are KPOP pins! Designs featuring BTS artists like Jungkook and V are in huge circulation online. Promote your own pins via Instagram and Twitter, where fandoms like KPOP lovers are a plenty.

Where would you sell your own custom band pins and custom hat pins?

That’s a great question and there are dozens of venues online to get your product out there! Here are just a select few of them:

  • Sell your custom pins on eBay.com!
  • Share your wares with the world on handmade marketplace etsy.com!
  • Get your piece of the pie by selling custom band pins on amazon.com!
  • Join thousands of artists selling their loot on bigcartel.com!
  • Create your own ecommerce store online at sites like shopify.com and squarespace.com and sell custom hat pins direct to customers.

As you well know, selling online isn’t the end all, be all of making money with custom pins. Selling in person at festivals and concerts is an obvious go-to! Be sure to let people know you’ll be available in person by creating an Instagram and Twitter following!

Promoting Your Custom Band Pins

Social media, could be said, is the end-all-be-all of marketing and that’s not far from the truth especially when considering our beloved custom band pins and hat pins. The audience of these pins is very much so individuals like you and me and social media websites and apps, such as the aforementioned Instagram and Twitter, is the home of billions of potential customers. So marketing of a custom enamel pin starts right here, on the likes of sites like Facebook. Creating an audience who appreciates your cool band designs could turn into future customers so you don’t have to market your pins directly. Share great ideas and art of your favorite musicians and network with the fandom. Cultivating a social media audience means interacting with followers on a daily basis and contributing to the conversation of your favorite music and songs.

Another avenue of advertising is promoting your pins at concerts, conventions and music festivals. People who attend these events are naturally the target demographic for your custom band pins. As permission from event organizers to set up a small booth or tent with your pin inventory on display. The music serves as the perfect backdrop for your pins and you can ride the momentum and energy of the performing musicians with relevantly designed pins.

Please contact us to find out how we can turn your band pin dreams into an amazing reality.

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