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Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past 7 years, then you’re quite familiar with the sensation, or better yet, the revolution that is BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan translated to “Bulletproof Boy Scouts).  As of the Summer of 2021, BTS has charted on the Billboard’s Hot 100 at number 1 more than most any artist in history and not to mention back-to-back with 3 different singles. Fans, known as “ARMY,” around the world clamor to gather and purchase related merchandise of this groundbreaking KPOP band. With a fervor not seen since The Beatles some half-century ago, there are hundreds of merchants and vendors looking to satisfy the craving of the BTS fandom. Among the offerings are the beloved custom enamel pins and we here at Pincious started a foray into that world. 

KPOP artists have strived to create a foothold on the shores of the Americas and Europe since the 1990’s. Fans thought that the likes of the Wonder Girls and the Girls’ Generation were the start of the Korean Wave of culture and they were partly right in that almost every other language absorbed the term “KPOP” as part of their lexicon but the bands’ successes were short lived outside of their homeland. A person could easily say that the studios were forcing the issue and there would be a lot of truth to that and this is where the movement that is BTS branches from the path of their predecessors. BTS never purposely, solely and specifically tried to garner an international audience. With almost purely Korean lyrics they found a new audience overseas with their singles like Fake Love and Blood, Sweat & Tears. Their popularity was organically obtained and because of that they have staying power that hasn’t been seen in half a century.

There are all sorts of styles and designs made by individuals all over the world to represent their favorite BTS artist or to commemorate an event of theirs. There isn’t a more perfect canvas to illustrate the versatility of a promotion product like an enamel pin can be. With the differing visions and abilities of designers, custom BTS enamel pins vary widely but beautifully always. The “boys” are incredible inspirations for ARMY and the fans pay it back by doing everything they can to show their devotion. Consuming “merch” like enamel pins along with custom t-shirts, keychains and stickers, these people found a new shopping home on and so did we. You can find our custom BTS enamel pins on our Etsy page and some of those pins are pictured and linked below if you are interested.

Exclusive from Pincious BTS Enamel Pins

The coolest shot from BTS’ Dynamite music video is captured in this custom enamel pin. V donning 70’s inspired retro attire briefly poses in an iconic era-specific dance. Find it on our store today!

Jimin is killing it in BTS’ Butter MV. With multi-colored hair, big shades and tucked behind his mugshot sign, this custom enamel pin memorializes this addicting look. This pin can be found on out store.

BTS is known for their on-point outfits on stage and RM is no exception to the rule during the 2020 MAMA Awards. This disco-era look is the inspiration behind our enamel pin which we are selling on our store

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