COVID-19 Vaccinated Enamel Pins

These past two years have been one of the most trying times the world as the world face a very immediate threat of the COVID-19 virus. Our whole idea of what is normal has changed. This might take form in how we interact with our friends in family, donning masks or keeping our distance. It also shows up in our work environments where millions have learned what it would be like to have freedom to work from home. These are efforts to limit the spread of the disease and eventually and hopefully its eradication. Until then, though, we need to continue to take the necessary steps to limit the pain we all go through, the economical despair the virus has caused and get back to a normalcy we all enjoyed before 2019. You might ask how enamel pins might contribute to that cause and it’s really simple. We here at Pincious recognized that the COVID-19 vaccine is one of the most integral steps to eliminating the virus but how do you know who has it and who doesn’t? How about a pin that just states the wearer has the vaccine already? We created three different pins, so far, with that exact message.

How do enamel pins help with the COVID-19 virus?

The pandemic we are all victim to isn’t going to be solved by enamel pins, COVID-19 is much more serious than the little metal trinkets we make but what they can do is serve as part of a solution. The solution to the problem of making informed decisions of who to be around and how close to others we should be all in the name of our safety and health. A pin notifying you that the person you are interacting with is vaccinated against the virus can go a long way in your piece of mind but also for those who are vaccinated you can make others assured that you took the steps to make them safe from the disease as much as possible.

Your business can benefit from COVID-19 enamel pins.

The world is a much different place and with businesses opening their brick and mortar locations again to the public an enamel pin saying your employees are vaccinated for the COVID-19 virus can be the perfect addition to a uniform. It just might make your customers more comfortable to purchase from your associates and sales people. They may be small but the message a custom enamel pin can tell is enormous. 

Custom COVID-19 enamel pins are incredibly customizable.

The exclusive set of COVID-19 pins offered by our company, through our Etsy store, are simple, understated and classy. They were designed to work in any business environment and uniform or attire but your very own custom enamel pins can be as colorful, loud and fun as you would like. Creating your own line of custom pins could involve including your company logo, colors and fonts. We specializing in retaining and incorporating branding into our custom enamel pins and thus making them a seamless addition to your employee uniforms.

Encourage vaccinations with enamel pins.

You’ve seen it work with elections where voters proudly display “I’ve Voted” stickers on their clothing or sharing it on their social media. Vaccination needs a movement to help spread the word of its importance to the health and well-being of our country and for the rest of the world. Give out free enamel pins stating “I’ve Been Vaccinated” so those who were recently inoculated can show those who look up to them might follow in their footsteps or influence people on the fence whether or not they should get their shots. Every avenue of marketing the benefits of a COVID-19 vaccine should be taken to prevent the loss of life and the quality of life as well and pins can be part of that equation.

Exclusive from Pincious COVID-19 Pins

Our “Vaccinated” enamel pin. Interested in this pin? Find it on our Etsy store here by clicking here.

Our “Vaccinated” enamel pin. Interested in this pin? Find it on our Etsy store here by clicking here.

Our “I’m COVID-19 Vaccinated” enamel pin. Interested in this pin? Find it on our Etsy store here by clicking here.

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