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There isn’t a more fervent and loyal fandom than that of animes, mangas, comics and cartoons! Regardless of age, these animated films and tv shows stick with us as we grow up but never do they feel old. I’m sure we’ve learned countless lessons from these works of art and the characters we have fallen in love with become role models where we pick up our values and mannerisms from.

So how do we pay them back? From what we are seeing it is all about enamel pins! Be it bringing your favorite characters into the 3D world with lapel pins representing them or recreating your favorite scenes in pin form, the possibilities are endless. With the ability to capture any color and almost any design, custom enamel pins are a versatile “canvas”. How else can enamel pins commemorate these fantastic stories?

  1. Enamel pins traded between fans bring people together from all over the world.
  2. Long after the end of a series or manga, custom enamel pins keep interest going.
  3. Lapel pins bring new people into the fandom by introducing your favorite comics and shows to the large world of custom enamel pin collectors.
  4. Use your custom enamel pins as fundraisers for fan generated content like fanfiction stories and fan funded animated shows on YouTube!
  5. Sell custom lapel pins to support your animes and mangas from cancellation.

If you need help with crafting your very own custom anime, manga, cartoon or comic pins, reach out to us at Pincious today!

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