Custom Award Enamel Lapel Pins

When your company, nonprofit organization, public or governmental agencies require a morale boost for your hard working employees, award pins step to the forefront of so many decision makers’ minds. The tire plaques and trophies of yesteryear make way for engaging mementos that are not just discarded once the award recipient goes home. Lapel pins and enamel pins emblazoned with your organization’s logo and perhaps even the recipient’s name comes with an unquantifiable intrinsic value that spells out the recognition of your employees’ hard work. Enamel lapel pins may be small but their affects are enormous. Don’t discount the idea that over the top, extravagant awards could be supplanted by the small in stature, pins, for the reason of their customizability. A lapel pin is made specifically for you and the purpose you desire which further conveys your company’s sincerity and genuineness when the recipient receives their award. 

More so than ever, especially with COVID-19 starting back in early 2020, our countries’ workers have been pushed to the brink of emotional and financial security. Employers all over should feel a responsivity to recognize the hardships of their excellent employees. With the understanding that a little goes a long way, look to custom lapel pins or custom enamel pins as part of your plan to increase the happiness of those who make you successful. 

Morale brings with it efficiency and productivity to companies and organizations of all kinds. Managers know they cannot sit back and let discontent among their employees grow. Enamel pins may be small but their effect is huge. Those who receive them can wear them proudly everywhere they go and those striving to have a pin of their own have a constant reminder of the company’s appreciation of the dedicated workers that they are. 

Your ceremonies and presentations will actually be looked forward to by everyone when there is substance behind it. Going the extra mile isn’t just for your employees but for management and the company as well. Think outside the box and have a custom lapel pin made today. 

The applications for custom enamel pins for your organizations are endless:

  1. Years of service
  2. Sales quota recognition
  3. Conversion awards
  4. Employment anniversaries
  5. New hires
  6. Retirements
  7. Volunteer service
  8. Donation and charitable acts awards

So if you feel your company needs a modern day makeover of your awards, contact Pincious today with your ideas and see how we can take your corporate identities and craft high quality enamel pins for all occasions.

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