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Custom Challenge CoinChallenge Coin (pronunciation:ˈCHalənj koin) – A small medallion bearing an organization’s or unit’s insignia. 

If you have never heard of this type of promotional product before you probably have at least seen them perhaps without even knowing you did. Members of the military are very familiar with them and with their rise in popularity among that group coins have been adopted by military related media. Movies and television shows have been known to showcase challenge coin collections when shooting a scene in a General’s office or showing individual coins gifted when a superior officer present one to an armed forces member who went above and beyond the call of duty. These fictional representations of custom challenge coins have roots in reality. Go into any officer’s office and you’ll see a challenge coin rack on their desk or hanging on one of the walls. Recent American Presidents have been know to award their own personal coins to the military, veterans and even civilians.

You might be asking what do custom challenge coins have to do with enamel pins and why we are writing about them. The answer to this would be in how they are made. Our pins are die struck from metal ribbons of material and are colored with enamels. You might have now guessed that custom challenge coins are made in the exact same way. When we look at a pin, we just look at one side usually. What may surprise you is that a pin can be and are usually struck on both sides, just like a coin. The design on a back of a pin is not very intricate with most just having a line of text or a phone number but it can be much more complex if you really needed it to be. That’s how we got into the custom coin game, the manufacturing process is exactly the same with coins just being thicker and normally larger.

Outside of the world of the Air Force, Army, Marines and Navy, challenge coins are finding a place in the corporate environment with businesses of all types adopting the challenge coin tradition. With veterans transitioning to civilian life, they bring with them their challenge coins that they earned while serving the country. I’ve heard many stories of challenge coins becoming highly sought after employee awards due to their intrinsic value. A coin can be carried anywhere, tucked in your wallet or purse. The traditional awards like trophies or plaques aren’t exactly portable nor are they as subtle as a coin. Gaudy displays of trophies lining a shelf in your office comes across as a bit showy, doesn’t it?

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