Custom Lapel Pins as Giveaways and Gifts

Are you brainstorming what gifts and giveaways you need for that upcoming convention. Maybe enamel pins have crossed your mind or perhaps they haven’t but they are the de facto answer! Custom enamel lapel pins are all the rage. Having a custom pin ready to give away at your stalls, kiosks and booths will instantly connect to people of all ages and backgrounds especially our millennial folks out there! Fandoms and loyal customers are very familiar with the idea of custom lapel pins so it makes sense to ride the momentum of these tiny but powerful marketing tools. 

Though they may be called lapel pins, they are hardly used for that purpose. These colorful, highly customizable products are pinned to clothing, yes, but also to backpacks, stationary, hats, scarves, towels, basically anything and everything! In essence, they are truly collectibles. These aren’t plastic thingymabobs that are thrown away without a second thought whenever the convention-goers make it back home. No, they are metal, shiny, colorful mementos of an experience they will never forget. Your message, your logo and your brand will live on in their collections ever reminding them of who you are and what you do. It’s hard to put a price on that (but the price is actually quite affordable, regardless)!

Where can you utilize custom lapel pin giveaways? Great question!

  1. Conventions
  2. Conferences
  3. Business meetings
  4. Luncheons and Business Dinners
  5. Award Ceremonies
  6. Speaking Events
  7. Motivational Speaking
  8. Book Signings
  9. Autographings
  10. Charitable Events (food drives, volunteering, schools)
  11. Bonuses with Purchases of Goods and Services

As you can see, the are endless uses for enamel pins. Contact Pincious today and we’ll take care of all your lapel pin needs and make your next convention the best it has ever been! You’ll be the talk of the event!

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