Custom Enamel Pins for Chicago, IL

One of the largest metropolitan areas in the country is home to many of our beloved customers and obviously that isn’t the biggest surprised. We of course are writing about Chicago, Illinois! The Windy City is home to iconic landmarks that the world over flock to in amazement. The concrete jungle isn’t the only thing that beckons the massive throngs of tourists though! 

What kind of enamel pins have we made for your city, do you ask? Well, I’m glad you did! Here are some examples of the what custom enamel pins can do for Chicago and rest of the state:

  • The home of some of the most world renowned sports teams, like the Chicago Bulls and the Bears of the NFL, Chicago, IL is immersed in a culture that is ripe for enamel pin inspiration.
  • The trailblazers of American skyscraper design and architecture found a blank canvas in Chicago and further built upon the works of their predecessors. From the Tribune building to the ever iconic Willis Tower, the city boasts some of the world’s most respected buildings so it isn’t surprising that these landmarks are found on many custom enamel pins.
  • Chicago’s monuments and public art pieces have been showcased in movies, television and plastered all over the internet and much deservedly so. Sights like the Cloud Gate or Picasso statue are staples in Chicago culture and also enamel pins from the city. 
  • With some of the largest international companies in the world setting up shop in Chicago means that there is great representation of all sorts of industries there. With finance and banking being an obvious central figure to the city housing one of the largest manufacturing bases in the country, there isn’t a shortage of enamel pin uses in this part of Illinois.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to find out how easy it is to create a custom pin for you, your company or your awesome city!

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