Custom Enamel Pins for Counties

Not everyone knows that the county they live in is responsible for making the whole area operate safely, smoothly and cleanly. The hard work the county puts into the community doesn’t necessarily need to be put on display but the county employees themselves are definitely worth recognizing. That is where custom enamel pins come in to the picture. We here at Pincious have noticed a trend for the last few years of how enamel pins are used to award people who go beyond the call of duty in the areas serviced by their local county. The web of services offered by a county cover a wide-array of departments and administrations. Some applications and uses to mention are:

Sheriffs Department

Custom enamel pins for the law enforcement of your county can be the first step in a new deputy joining the force in the form of pin badges. 

Fire Department

The emergency services of a county are paramount to the safety of the citizens and infrastructure. Enamel pins awarded to these brave fire fighters and EMS personnel should be part of strategy in keeping morale high and a simple showing of your support.

Libraries and Public Schools

The future of a community are their children and the building blocks to their success definitely includes the ability for them to learn in an advantageous environment. Custom enamel pins for the staff of your educational institutions can be a small way of recognizing the support mentors deserve.

Parks and Recreation

What makes your community beautiful is part nature and part dedicated workforce of your local county employees. To better thank their hard work and interact with the citizens taking advantage of the green spaces and sporting arenas, custom enamel pins fit the bill.


For many towns, cities and counties the public transportation system acts as the lifeblood of the community. From drivers to conductors to pilots, reward their service with custom enamel pins.

Water, Waste, Sewage and Recycling

Maybe an underappreciated line of work but the people who spend their lives making sure yours is clean and safe are integral to a successful county. Make sure you are boost their morale on a consistent basis and custom enamel pins should be part of the plan.


Part of any long term goals a county, or any locale at that, should have in ensuring a prosperous future is the encouragement of tourism within the area. Outside dollars are imperative to keeping budgets padded and healthy and custom enamel pins inspired by landmarks, culture and people of the county are a great answer to the question of how to monetize the great things you have to offer.

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