Custom Etsy Lapel Pins

Etsy lapel pin sales are serious business. We work hard to bring you some of the most amazing enamel pins available on Etsy. Etsy is a wonderful platform that brings artists and buyers together. We love our Etsy customs and hope you’ll contact us today if you’re in the market for a custom Etsy lapel pin factory and manufacturer. Etsy lapel pins are a wonderful addition to a gift, as they are small trinkets that can be a lasting impression. Get your Etsy lapel pin or enamel pin today and start showing those around you what matters to you. We offer lapel pins in a variety of designs from animals, music, flowers, and more. If you don’t find an Etsy lapel pin that encompasses what you are looking for, simply ask!

Lapel pins make great gifts!

Our pins are wonderful as gifts but you can collect them on your own as well. Take a look around, we have had many repeat clients because one simply isn’t enough. They are affordable enough to indulge in for yourself without breaking the bank. We try to make our pins affordable for everyone and take the time and great pride in their production. All of our enamel is hand pained and everything is made with pride. This is a process that we simply love and it shows!

We pay attention to the small details and it shows. This isn’t just a business for us, it is a passion. We love lapel pins and have been designing and painting them for some time now. Our Etsy lapel pins can be worn on just about anything from hats, coats, scarves, shoes, bags and backpacks. Many students like to decorate their backpacks with them to show off the various things they support and love. This is a fun way to strike up conversations on the subway or in class too!

Swap them out and wear them often!

These pins are designed in a manner that allows them to be swapped out pretty easily. So change up that backpack with different designs and adorn a hat with supportive pins for game night. They aren’t just for lapels any longer, there are many reasons that you can use a lapel pin. All the lapel pins are made and designed with love and care. We want people to show their support to their various hobbies, animals, professions, and more. There are lapel pins for just about everyone with all different tastes.

Etsy lapel pins are fun gifts as well can be great swag for geocaching. They are small trinkets that could mean so much to someone that is having a bad day. Having a few around to give out to loved ones is a wonderful gesture and not super costly. Take a look around in our Etsy shop and we are certain you will find some amazing options to choose from. We offer band pins, animals, flowers, and more. There is something for everyone and at great prices too! Our quality, selection, and pricing are all important factors to us and it shows. We strive to be the very best custom lapel pin shop on Etsy and it shows! Don’t see something you like? Ask!! We are always looking for great ideas to make into pins!

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