Custom Lapel Pin Clutches, Attachments and Backings

When you think about a lapel pin or an enamel pin we think about the face of it, the design, the colors and the shiny metal finishes but what about the other half of the name? The pin. We call it a pin post but whatever it is called it is an essential but often overlooked part of a custom lapel pin.


Either name of this popular pin clutch is a descriptive one. Sometimes called a Military Clutch because of its widespread use in the armed forces to pin awards, ranks and insignia on their uniforms but usually called a Butterfly Clutch due to the two “wings” that are pinched to remove it from the pin post. For us here at Pincious this is a clutch that comes at no extra cost so just request it when ordering. It is a very secure option as it requires an action to remove it but against bare skin it isn’t exactly comfortable. 


The default clutch for all of our orders here at Pincious, the Rubber Clutch is available in Black or Yellow coloring and secures itself to the pin post purely by friction. The clutch has many benefits due to its composition. This clutch is of course made of a rubber that, when compared to a Butterfly Clutch, is much more comfortable against bare skin. It also is a great option for pins that are used by children as the potential of swallowing a Rubber Clutch isn’t as harmful as a swallowed Butterfly Clutch. 


When you need to put your best foot forward, especially when awarding or gifting a custom lapel pin, one of these two clutches are perfect for the job. Both are taller, larger and more elaborate in design than the everyday fare of Rubber and Butterfly Clutches but from a practicality standpoint the larger profile of these upgraded clutches causes pins to “stand” far off your body or clothing. One might say the clutches are harder to remove as well as it requires a pinch and upwards motion to remove them. Also, they aren’t exactly comfortable against your bare skin. The positives, aside from the aesthetics, would be the tight and secure attachment to the pin post and the ability to provide a chain affixed to the Jewelry Clutch to prevent loss.


The Screw Backing is a very durable custom pin backing that mostly finds use in semi-permanent affixing. This attachment features a large, thicker pin post that is grooved to have a clutch screwed onto itself and that clutch has “teeth” that interfaces with the garment or surface the pin sits on. The friction from the “teeth” prevents the clutch from working its way off the post from movements and vibrations. Frequently requested by our motorcycle customers, the Screw Backing is great to attach a pin to a leather jacket especially considering the very active nature of a rider.


This attachment isn’t as popular as the others but it has its place in the custom pin world. When you have a larger pin or if you need a secure attachment, the Safety Pin is an option. Especially when pinning through multiple layers of fabric, the Safety Pin backing is up to the task. Just be aware that if your pin is on the smaller side, the Safety Pin will be just as small as well and it might be difficult to operate the attachment at that smaller size.


The idea of puncturing your expensive clothes or bags with a custom pin might be absolutely horrifying for many of us, myself included. Sometimes you just have to wear a pin be it for work or an event. How do you get around putting a hole in your favorite outfits? The answer is a Magnetic Backing. We glue one magnetic to the back of your pin and supply you with a matching magnet that you will place on the opposite side of your clothing for a hole-free lapel pin attachment. There are some limitations on the thickness of the clothing that the Magnetic Backing can affix through but most shirts, dresses and blouses won’t have much of an issue. As a side note, if you would like to place your custom lapel pin on a iron-based surface, we can provide just one magnetic at a lower cost for use on some refrigerators and such.


Custom lapel pins are very versatile and lately we have seen our pins used as emblems, insingia and logo badges on products like cutting boards, appliances, cars, electronics and more. Of course a pin post wouldn’t be possible in such applications so we offer a 3M double-sided adhesive backing so you can affix our custom enamel pins to any smooth, flat surfaces.

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