Custom Lapel Pin Rush Orders

If you’re reading this then you’re most likely looking at a looming deadline for your custom lapel pins. Maybe you were given this tasks at the last minute or another vendor failed to deliver, no need to worry because there just might be a solution for your problem.

Rush orders are a common request in the custom enamel pin industry. As much as we in the business like to think lapel pins are incredibly important, they might not be for everyone and sometimes the need for them slips through the cracks. We do our best to accommodate rush orders of any kind and sometimes you might have a bit more time than you realize.

First thing first, the deadline. You were told it was next Friday but really that is just the last day the boss is in town. The convention starts on Monday, so you might have a couple more days to work with if you have us send your pins to the venue or convention right? Or maybe there is a coworker who is leaving at a different time and they can take the pins instead? If we can squeeze a couple days into the production schedule, it would allow us to make your event’s deadline but also not compromise any quality in doing so.

Maybe your deadline is firm though. What can we as a pin manufacturer do to help with your situation? That’s a great question. When it comes to making custom lapel pins, there is one step of the process that is the most time consuming and if we were to eliminate the need for that step completely, we might save a few days of production time. That step is coloring. All of our enamel pins are colored by hand, every single pin. Along with that handmade process, there is need for drying time to have the colors set without blotching or running of colors. Finally, for our cloisonne pins, polishing is required and also done by hand, one by one.

There are other things to consider when rushing an order, reach out to one of our sales people and see how we at Pincious can make your predicament disappear!

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