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Your brand and identity is probably the most important part of your business. If it wasn’t for your name, a recognizable logo, company colors and your slogan what would make your business memorable? Identity has become so important that brands that have been around for hundreds of years still spend considerable portions of their profits in marketing. You would think that they must be promoting their popular products or newest offerings but many actually advertise just their brand. A Coca-Cola commercial follows a rather typical format of scenes of people enjoying their everyday lives and drinking a Coke or the famous polar bear campaign during the holidays. The commercials say nothing about the quality of the product nor does it describe an event or sale nor does it contain any reviews of how well the product is received. What Coca-Cola and other longstanding companies have realized is that keeping the company at the forefront of the minds of consumers is more important than the product itself. The product is tried and true. It has word of mouth working for it and has established cross company ties from restaurants to grocery stores. The strength of a brand trickles down to the products and their potential success. 

So how do custom logo pins work into this equation? Why does your company need your very own enamel pin? How does your company benefit from these pins? We’ll answer these questions and let you know how to have your very own custom pins created.

1. Custom Logo Pins are a Part of a Well Rounded Promotional Campaign

Are you introducing a new product or launching a new advertising campaign? Then you need custom logo pins to compliment your marketing efforts. Custom pins can be handed out at your launch events, given to prospective new distributors and worn by your marketing team during their activities. Strengthen your image and message with logo pins that not only feature the company logo itself but also are displaying the new product or have a slogan or catchphrase printed on it as well.

2. Enamel Pins are a Fashionable Trend

Companies would give an arm and a leg to organically tie themselves to a growing, new trend. Enamel pins is that very trend and has seen tremendous adoption and growth over the last decade. With the widespread collecting and trading of pins from the likes of Disney to the accessorization of apparel and bags, you want to get in on this movement as soon as possible. 

3. Your Very Own Logo Pins Can Directly Bring in Revenue

A custom logo pin might be seen a promotional or branding tool but it can also serve the role as a whole new product for your business to sell. Fans of your company can display their loyalty with official “merch” emblazoned with your logo and coloring and enamel pins should be part of the product line. Sure, t-shirts and tote bags are great but expand your horizons with a custom enamel pin and see how you can turn all your customers into walking advertisements for your company.

4. Create Better Business Relationships with Custom Logo Pins

Whether you give a supplier a custom logo pin or if you design one for them as a gift, enamel pins can be a stepping stone towards a better business relationship with other businesses. We’ve seen it before, a representative of a company comes by to chit-chat about the day but in reality they’re just trying to create a more personal relationship between your two organizations. There’s nothing wrong with that but when they leave, they drop off a pile of calendars or notepads adorned with their logo in hopes of keeping their brand at the front of your minds. It’s a tried and tested idea but far too frequently do the recipients see the gifts as clutter and simply toss them into the nearest recycle bin.

5. Custom Enamel Pins are the Perfect Corporate Gift

If you worked in the corporate world, you’ll know first hand that conventions are a big deal. If you’re the unfortunate soul that has to work the booth at the convention hall, then you’re all too familiar with corporate giveaways and gifts. You have tons of people walking by your booth and how do you entice them to engage with you? Perhaps you’ve given out pamphlets and business cards but you’ve likely haven’t had a custom enamel pin in your arsenal. Paper-based giveaways are all too temporary and easily disposed, that’s not the great set of stats to have for an item that hopes to earn you future business. Keep your company name at the forefront of someone’s mind and right at eye-level with a custom logo pin.

6. Boost Employee Morale with Enamel Pin Awards for Service

Custom logo pins are quickly becoming a company’s “go-to” employee service award. You may be familiar with the traditional trophy or plaque but they have fallen out of favor for the more subtle and the more desired pin. Pins are practical compared to the likes of a gaudy trophy or the wall decoration that are plaques. A pin given as award can be worn with pride, taken wherever the recipient goes.

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