Custom Enamel Pins for Universities, Schools, and Colleges

Your university or school or college has a storied history wrapped in tradition and because of that has a valuable brand and identity. A custom enamel pin for your school would be a great way to maximize and increase it’s recognition, raise funds, raise funds and award the ever important student body. We here at Pincious have created custom pins for universities and colleges for almost two decades so we are well equipped with the know-how and experience to make sure your pin budget is used effectively and efficiently. There are a myriad of uses for a custom enamel pin in the academic setting, here is a quick run down on how a pin can help your school.

Orientation Pins

This is the day that every incoming freshman has dreamed of for years. Their first steps into university life that involves finalizing their decision for their major, picking classes and getting acquainted with their new surroundings. It may seem daunting but you can assuage your students’ fears by breaking the ice with a custom enamel pin. Set up a table at the orientation room doors and greet each incoming student with a packet that includes a pin adorned with your school logo and introduce yourself. Custom pins are the perfect way to say, “Welcome!”

Class Pins

I think we all know that your graduating class becomes a big deal as time goes on. If you ever run into alumni, the first thing they’ll ask you is what year did you graduate. Class rings have always been a thing since high school and it’s no different in your higher education. A man may only wear two rings in his life, a wedding ring and a class ring. Belonging to a class is like being part of a new family. These peers of yours may count on you and you count on them for the rest of your lives. The kinship you have goes beyond friendship. A great way to help students and classmates celebrate this groundbreaking time in your lives is with a custom class pin.

Enamel Pins for Fundraisers

Are you part of a college club, association or organization? If so, then you’re all too familiar with the budgetary constraints they have. With most of the funding self generated, having an item to sell to raise funds or provide as a gift to donators is imperative to your club’s success. Be it a bake sale or putting on a performance, you shouldn’t discount any avenue of making money for your interests. One of those ways is creating and selling a custom enamel pin. It can be representative of what your organization prides itself on or perhaps customized for a local business sponsor or even the logo of the club. The versatility of our custom pins means anything that you can think of we can do!

Staff and Faculty Enamel Pins

Professors, staff and faculty are the lifeblood of your college and the mentors of our future leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists and more. They have earned all the recognition they deserve and a great way to show your appreciation is through a custom enamel pin. Be it recognizing their years of service or going beyond the call of duty or even a simple crest or logo pin, a little goes a long way.

Graduation Pins and Medals

The big day, the most anticipated and the most dreamed of. Graduation day. A symbol of the culmination of years of study and hard work, this is the type of day to remembered and what better way to do that with a custom pin or even a custom medal. We make both! Your university or college should have pins or medals associated with certain academic achievements to make the experience for your students all the more memorable. We have years of experience in taking Graduation Day to the next level so don’t hesitate to bounce your ideas off of us.

School Crest and Logo Pins

Be it a way to allow access to restricted parts of campus or just a symbol of faculty membership, custom enamel pins with your school’s crest or logo are the most common types of pins we make for schools. Present it to staff when they join your team or sell them in the school store to raise funds, the uses are infinite. 

Sorority Pins and Fraternity Pins

The success of your Greek life organization depends on membership, I think we all understand the basics of that. To draw in new pledges, you need to create an air of exclusivity and clout. You can help that effort with identifying yourselves with custom enamel pins and treat them as a badge of honor as being part of your sorority or fraternity is something special.

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