How to Wear a Lapel Pin in 2021

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It couldn’t have come any sooner or faster. 2021 is here and if you love lapel pins there’s no more perfect escape from the tumultuous year that has passed than breaking out your lapel pin collection. Now, it goes without saying, we don’t necessarily wear any or all of our pins because it would be a shame to accidentally lose one or damage it but if we were to don our shiny trinkets, how should we go about doing it? Let’s find out!

1. Old School

Maybe its the hipster vibe taking over, but our youth have been more and more welcoming of the traditional use our beloved pins. From wearing on an actual lapel with a fancy broach or adorning their jackets with meme worthy enamel pins they found on Etsy, pins are actually in-style. So don’t be shy that your pins won’t be well received when in actuality they’ll be conversation starters, drawing the eye of the ever more discerning pin fanatics.

2. Travel Companion

You might have never thought that your handbags, purses and backpacks are blank canvases for you to showcase your prized pins. Walking around schools and universities around the country will teach you that your accessories can tell more about who you are without you saying a single word and that’s truer with a bunch of enamel pins pinned all over. 

Peruse your collection and find that pin that speaks your mood or shares with the world your love of Baby Yoda! Pins are the cutest way to customize your daily wear so let’s be brave and open up by adding flair to our favorite bags.

3. Headgear

Clothing has always been an expression of who we are. From fancy dresses to printed t-shirts, we make sure whatever we wear is true to ourselves. If there is prime real estate on our body, its definitely something eye-level with the crowd. Our head! No, no, I’m not implying to get a face tattoo but instead whenever the occasion calls for a hat, think about how cool it would be if one of your pins is attached to the crown.  Keep it on theme by going next-level with your favorite sports team’s hats with pins celebrating their awesomeness or take that cowboy hat of yours and advertise your affinity of everything Texas. 

4. The Formal

A pin has a traditional home on a suit lapel, hence the name, but that’s not the only place for them! Tie pins are annoying, you’re always worrying about them not being level. Easy solution, use a lapel pin in-place of your tie pins. Cufflinks? Same thing! Use your wide arrays of pins to add character to a boring suit by replacing your shirt’s cufflinks with an awesome set of enamel pins.

These are just a few thoughts on how to wear a pin but the options are endless. Experiment and don’t be shy because we’re proud of our pins and you should be too!

5. Footwear

With the exponential rise of the sneaker in pop culture, the shoe has become the canvas of choice for the youth all over the world. Be it decorating Air Force 1’s with talented artists’ work or adding charms to a favorite pair of sandals, footwear and pins are becoming a “thing.” Adding pins to your laces, lace holes or gluing backless pins to sneaker soles, the endless ways to customize a shoe is further enhanced with the advent of the custom enamel pin.

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