Custom Enamel Pins

The Definitive Guide to Making Custom Lapel Pins

If you're new to the lapel pin world or even if you're a pin veteran, learn more about lapel pin terminology, manufacturing and more!

Custom Basketball Trading Pins

The trading pin phenomenon is branching out and is taking the youth sports world by storm. Now it's basketball's turn.

Celebrate Your Employees' Loyalty with Anniversary Pins

A little bit of appreciation goes a long way. Create a custom Years of Service pin for your valued employees.

Recognize Those Who Go Beyond the Call of Duty with Recognition Pins

When something exceptional is accomplished, perhaps even when not asked for or expected, I think it's universally agreed that recognizing the effort and success is the least we can do.

Award Ceremony Coming Up? Replace Those Tired Trophies and Plaques with Custom Enamel Pins

Custom enamel pins exude class and the ability to turn your Years of Service ceremony into a "pinning" ceremony is priceless.

Custom Baseball and Softball Trading Pins

Procuring pins for your child's team is not just a luxury, its a necessity. Trading pin day at your tournament will be the highlight of your season. Make it memorable with a custom trading pin.


Anime, Manga and Cartoon Lapel Pins

Animation and illustration are perfect inspirations for custom lapel pins. The fanbases are loyal and rabid and eat up anything merchandise related.

Custom Pins for EDM, Concerts, Festivals, Musicians and Bands

Also known as a custom hat pin, these types of pins are colorful, loud, glittery and all other kinds of awesome. They authentically capture the feel and emotion of a type of music or musician.

Conventions and Booths Are the Perfect Home for a Custom Enamel Pin

Grab and hold the attention of convention-goers with a custom pin for the event. As free giveaways, lapel pins are hard to forget and keeps your message in front of "eyes" for a long time to come.

Executive Pins

Custom Pins for Executive Award Recognition

The "suits" make the world go round for large corporations. They're decision making abilities and foresight makes you and your employees successful, that talent should be rewarded. A custom pin is a classy and practical choice.

Text / Word Only Lapel Pins

Keep it simple with a letters and numbers turned into a custom pin.

Pins as Imitation Jewelry and Accessories

A custom pin is versatile. It's not just meant for a lapel, we can turn any design into earrings, cufflinks, charms and more.

Need Pins Fast? Rush Orders are a Thing!

If you're in a bind and fight yourself needing pins in a flash, contact us ASAP for the possibilities of rushing your custom pin order!


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