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Our furry friends have been loyal, lifelong soulmates. Without judgment and only coming with pure love, pets of all kinds have been our little heroes without them even knowing. So it hasn’t been a huge surprised to see a large uptick in custom pet enamel pin requests this past few months. We’ve drawn cats, dogs, rabbits and all of the popular pet types but along with them we have done rarer pets as well. Some examples being flying squirrels to exotic animals like the bearded dragon or iguana. 

What are the popular uses for custom pet enamel pins? Here is a list of the more prevalent applications for these types of enamel pins:

  • Instagram Pets. There has been a movement in social media with pets having their own accounts and garnering millions upon millions of followers with their cuteness and antics. So how do the owners of these pet-celebrities monetize their efforts? Merchandise of course! Custom enamel pet pins are the perfect answer. With the ability to capture your pet’s favorite poses or famous picture posts, these pins are waiting for you to customize them.
  • A memorial to a loved pet that has passed on. Many owners reach out to us to immortalize their pet with a custom enamel pin. It’s a tremendous honor to be part of this process as we all here at Pincious are pet owners and understand the connection you had with yours.
  • Gifts and Presents. Is your friend a huge pet lover? If so, there’s no better gift than a token made in the likeness of their pet or pets. Have a custom pet enamel pin created for their pet’s birthday or even their owner’s special occasions.
  • Pins to Celebrate Breeds. Happen to be a huge fan of Shiba Inus? Why not make your own custom enamel pet pin line of products to sell online on marketplaces like Etsy? Create cute corgi or Maine Coon cat pins in a cartoony style or in fun poses. The possibilities are endless and as much as fun as these pins are they could be a great side hustle to earn a little bit of extra spending money.

Are you interested in having your own custom order of pet enamel pins created? If so, contact us today and we’ll show you how we can immortalize your best friend as a pin with a free digital mock up and, of course, a quote to go along with it. We can work from pictures, drawings or even just the name of the breed or species of your pet so don’t hesitate if you don’t think you have the perfect example of them.

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