Stand with the AAPI Community, Stop Asian Hate Custom Enamel Pins

Stop Asian Hate Custom Enamel PinAs an Asian-owned business, Pincious would love to share how custom pins can be a platform of change and a way to disseminate a message in a different way. There has been an unfortunate uptick in racist attacks on Asian-Americans and those part of the Pacific Islander community all across the country. The causes can be debated but what can’t be is the countless of physical and verbal abuses that are taking place. There have been movements and protests to support those affected and supporters have created powerful slogans and sayings that have resonated with Americans and others. The hashtag StopAsianHate and phrases like “I Stand With AAPI” spreading through social media marks a turn in how our country sees racism against the greater Asian community. No longer can we remain quiet and further marginalize a minority group. 

We’re so proud to say that many of our customers have reached out to make a difference with custom lapel pins supporting Asian/Pacific Islander organizations and pins that say “#StopAsianHate” and “Stand With AAPI.” With intentions of raising funds for related causes, our pins have proven yet again the power to transcend from metal trinket status to a vehicle conveying the need to address social issues such as race and hate.

Should you or your company want to contribute to the cause, having your own custom enamel pins created spreading the word that there are at risk communities that need help please do reach out to us and let’s collaborate on a design that highlights the progression we as a society need. 

If you would like to directly contribute to related organizations and peoples, here is a convenient but an incomplete list: 

Atlanta Spa Shooting Survivor Funds

Filipino Advocates for Justice

National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum

Stop AAPI Hate


To spread the message, we have started offering exclusive enamel pins, via our Etsy shop, with phrases like #StopAsianHate and Stand with AAPI. Click here to see our current enamel pin offerings.


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