Top 5 Reasons Realtors and Real Estate Agencies Need Custom Pins

RealtyIf marketing is the key to success for a business, then custom pins needs to be part of any campaign. There isn’t a more competitive business, on a local level, than that of real estate. Realtors and agencies all over the country are facing newly licensed realtors on a daily basis. The dreams of making it big, working for yourself, is a common thought amongst the entrepreneurial youth of this generation. So how do you separate from the pack and make sure you and your agency stay on top of the game? The answer is of course: custom enamel pins. Here are the Top 5 reasons why you need pins made just for you:

1. Business Cards Have Gone the Way of the Buffalo

As a realtor, it is quite common place to visit a new listing and find dozens of business cards of other realtors on one of the kitchen counters. Evidence of all of the competition you’re facing. Maybe you tidying up this pile of paper so your customer isn’t swayed away from your services and while doing this you start to understand how disposable these cards are. The mere idea of anything paper implies impermanence. We are almost trained to disregard anything shoved into our hand during business transactions. So how do you keep your name on the tip of potential customer’s tongues? A custom pin with your name, number, email address and website URL is the perfect alternative to a business card. Being made of metal, instead of paper, makes it all the more difficult for a person to discard. That means your information lives on, in front of decision maker’s eyes, because something made of metal shouldn’t end up in the garbage!

2. Custom Pins Can Be Pinned Almost Anywhere

The versatility of a pin hinges on its pin post – the pointy thing on the back for the uninitiated. I’ve come across many ingenious ways to leverage this ability, to pin. Realtors often come across corkboards in crafty sellers’ homes and a custom pin is an amazing breadcrumb to leave behind to help increase your brand. I’ve had one realtor tell me he hammer in a pins on “For Sale” sign posts for more visibility for his agency. Another told me about pinning their enamel pin to offer sheets for their buyers. 

3. A Custom Made Pin is Cost Effective Advertising

As any small business owner knows, marketing makes or breaks your company. Without marketing and advertising, no one will know you exist but if you don’t reign in the costs for either you could risk becoming quite unprofitable. Putting ads in the local bulletin or paper or advertising on Google is pricey. On the other hand, custom pins are rather inexpensive. Create custom pins to hand out at meetings, conventions and closings and turn your everyday interactions into long lasting relationships. The great thing about these pins is they last forever so don’t be surprised if they get passed onto prospective buyers.

4. Pins are Extremely Customizable

Custom pins are made from scratch with your ideas. Incorporating your company’s logos, colors and slogans are easy as pie! Do you need your name and address along with your phone number on your pins? No problem, we can do it! Would you like your pins to be a special shape, a shape like your logo perhaps? Can do! The ability to create unique custom pin designs means your message stands out the way it should. One of our customs, a broker, had an interesting idea to reward the agents that worked under her. For every sale they’ll receive a silver star pin and whenever they collected 10 of these stars (home sales) they would turn them in for a gold star. The agents badly wanted the medal-like pins and closings increased in short order.

5. A Personalized Pin Makes an Incredible Thank You Gift

The custom nature of these enamel pins means that whatever your heart might desire, we can make it into a pin. A realtor for a new subdivision had a great idea for their custom pin order. We would design a pin for each model of home in the neighborhood and all prospective buyers would receive a pin representing the home their were interested in purchasing. It worked out amazingly well as more than a few buyers mentioned the pin was on the forefront of their mind when it came to make a decision.

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