Top 5 Uses for Custom Lapel Pins

What are these tiny metal trinkets with coloring and a pokey pin affixed to the back of? Well! What you have there is a lapel pin or sometimes called an enamel pin. You might have had to ask yourself this question because you’ve been tasked to find one or you saw someone wearing it on their lapel but you wondering, at the same time, what do people do with them or what their purpose typically is. Here is a the Top 5 uses for custom lapel pins:

1) Recognition Awards

Morale and appreciation go hand in hand. Employers and managers have long known that even the smallest tokens of appreciation can go far in improving productivity and thusly revenue. The usual awards have been plaques or trophies with an engraving of the employee’s name but isn’t that a little “played out?” We think so! Custom lapel pins recognizing years of service or going beyond the call of duty are much more reasonable on the company’s pocketbook while being an actual usable award instead of something gathering dust on a bookshelf.

2) Trading Pins

It is a true tradition to exchange custom trading pins at youth baseball and softball tournaments across the USA. Be it Little League or Fastpitch, teams from all over the country design and trade pins at almost every event. The tradition is being adopted across of wide range of other sports like youth basketball and hockey as it is seen as a way to bond with fellow competitors and serve as mementos of the fun times they had at their matches.

3) Merchandise

It’s time to capitalize off the movement that is custom lapel pins. Every store and every brand can use another revenue stream and the answer to that problem is a gorgeous, completely personalized lapel pin. Emblazoned with your company name and colors, your loyal fans will be your walking billboards. These low-cost items would be great offerings at the checkout counter or a new listing on your eBay or Etsy page.

4) Gifts

When analyzing booths at conventions custom pins have been replacing the everyday fare of give-a-ways like lanyards and business cards. Due to their jewelry-like nature, pins are inherently considered more valuable than a piece of paper or woven synthetic fibers. So impress your customers and clients with a pin made of real metal, colored by hand and they’ll never forget your name, company and message.

5) Collecting

Maybe not as mainstream as trading cards, but collectible pins are definitely a growing trend. What do people collect exactly? Most likely the biggest niche would be Disney pins! Be it properties like characters from movies to representations of theme park rides, Disney pins have a fanatical audience. With the acquisition of Lucasfilm, Star Wars films and cartoons are being tapped for an endless amount of custom pin inspiration.

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