Why You Should Choose For Your Custom Enamel Pins

We know that you have dozens of options when searching for a custom enamel pin company or manufacturer so we would love to share with you the reasons why should be your first and only choice. So while we have your attention let’s dive into it:

1. Clear, Upfront, Best Pricing

We here at Pincious are happy to be one of the most competitive players in the custom pin game. We advertise our prices right upfront on the first page of our website and our interior web pages. You don’t have to fill out a quote to get an idea of the costs for your custom enamel pins nor do you have to spend hours navigating through a website to get a pricing estimate. We keep our costs low by keeping overhead as low as possible, negotiating best costs with contractors and suppliers and by knowing you shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for a custom pin.

2. Talented Custom Pin Designers for Your Free Custom Pin Design

We have recruited some of the best designers and artists in the industry to be sure that the pins we create for you are as eye-catching and unique as they could be. Our company will make a free custom pin mock up for you and your organization without any cost to you utilizing the talents of our graphic designers. Revisions come at no cost as well so feel free to let us know how we can change your design to be perfect for you.

3. Zero Obligation, No Hassle Quoting and Purchasing

Unlike other companies and industries, we do not pressure anyone into purchasing from us regardless of the work we have done for your project. We want you to make the best, the most informed decision you can and sometimes that means evaluating other providers. We won’t hassle you just because you contact us nor is there any obligation for the artwork we create for you.

4. Free Air Shipping

Some custom pin companies advertise cheap prices and you’re probably wondering how that can be. Well, most likely it is because the method of delivery for your custom pin order. We here at Pincious ship only by air with US based companies like FedEx and UPS. Other companies might be sending their orders via ocean freight to save on costs but, as you probably figured, it takes weeks to months of transit time. 

5. We Stand By Our Custom Pins

We love pins and lived and breathed these metal trinkets for most of our days on Earth. We wouldn’t want to provide pins to you that we wouldn’t want for ourselves. This means we strive for quality but if there is any manufacturing or quality error for your custom pin order just know we stand by our product and will replaced errored pins at no cost.

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