How to Tell Your Business Needs Custom Lapel Pins

As a decision maker in your business, you’re most surely overwhelmed with the daily goings of running your company and managing your people. The thought of a lapel pin is definitely not one on the forefront of your mind but alas here you are! So let’s get to it! Here are the reasons your business can benefit from a custom lapel pin.

1. Your Company Can Use a Morale Boost

Looking to maximize your profitability and make your bosses and shareholders ecstatic at the next quarterly report? You might be thinking about cutting costs and leaning out your workforce but now more than ever creating a work environment that is healthy and fun can mean a more successful company. The morale of your employees not only improves your bottom line but companies across the board need to realize that people are their lifeblood. Happier employees can mean better recruits, it can mean less turnaround and most importantly showing your appreciation is the least you can do.

So how do custom lapel pins fit into the equation? These small tokens serve as perfect awards and gifts of appreciation and recognition. Being a manager consumes much of your time and focus and sometimes your gratitude is not fully on display. Make up that loss ground by designing a custom enamel pin with us here at Pincious.com that shows how important your employees are.

2. Your Marketing Strategy is Lacking That “X” Factor

I think we have all noticed the shift in the consumption of media. Newspapers and magazines have fallen by the wayside and cable television isn’t far behind them. The shift of the readership and viewership of tradition media towards online sources of information, such as YouTube, podcasts, blogs, etc., has brought with it huge changes in how advertising is done. The costs of spots on television shows pales in comparison to that of a 60 second read on a popular YouTube show. Online isn’t the only non-traditional way to get the word out though. The reason TV just doesn’t work anymore is the demographic of TV-watchers are not within the highly coveted age brackets. This is where enamel pins come into play. A custom enamel pin doesn’t in itself have millions of eyes on it but its more about turning a person wearing it into a walking and talking “billboard.” People that compassionate and loyal fans of what you make or what you do are the ultimate ambassadors of your company. Not to mention, a custom enamel pin is infinitely more affordable compared to an ad buy!

3. Sales Have Stagnated

When revenue starts to slip or making gains over the previous year is becoming a struggle, a custom lapel pin could be the answer to your problems. When you need to expand your company’s offerings, a pin added to your sales inventory is guaranteed to start some buzz with this generation. If you’ve been to a high school or college campus recently, you might have seen students with pins attached to their backpacks, clothing, hats, etc. Pins are all the rage with the youth right now and catering to that group could bring an entirely new demographic of customers into your stores. 

Pins don’t just have to be a retail item to spur new sales. You can also have a custom pin designed to be given away as a bonus or reward with any purchase. People love giveaways and they love excuses to go shopping! You’ve seen it with t-shirts and tote bags at your favorite stores but don’t overlook the power of a pin!

4. You Need to Build Better Business Relationships

The key to being successful in your industry likely hinges on the business relationships you have with other companies. Maybe they are your suppliers or manufacturers or support services, whatever they are you need them. A pin made to celebrate your relationship can go a long way to keeping your company in the forefront of their minds. Striving to knock off a couple percentage points off your next order would be huge for you right? Start negotiations off on the right foot with a pin designed for them so they can give them away to employees. 

If you’re more concerned about garnering new business then see a custom pin as a new and improved business card. Think about how much more you and your company would stand out from the crowd when you give a pin with your company name, contact information and your website or phone number instead of a throwaway item like a business card. The uniqueness and jewelry-like nature of a custom pin makes it a difficult to part with item.

5. Your Company Completed a Big Project

A very common reason, we have encountered, that prompts businesses to reach out to us for a custom enamel pin is that they just finished a big project. With many people to thank, a customer to satisfy and people wanting a memento to take away from the experience, a custom pin to recognize the achievement makes sense. 

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